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Well, I'm not really sure how this journal'll turn out, since it's been long since I really bothered to write about my lackluster life on a screen or paper. But I want to, any roads. That's why I'm going to tell you, mates, about me writing stories.

It's quite simple really, when you have these tools:
overactive hypothalamus,
paranoid hands typing across the board quickly,
and a few objects to look at.

Well, anyway, I'd like to ask you a few questions, though.

Have any of  you experienced this:
1. when you look at a thing and another thing and human being, and then something in your brain works out something quirky that turns into a story?
2. when you're bored, you just blurt out some nonsensical things, and because of that drivel, you form a story?
3. when you're feeling a certain kind of feeling, id est happiness, anger, sadness, frustration, or indignation, strongly, you happen to put it into a piece of paper and form a story?
4. when you dream a very realistic one and form that into a story?
5. when you're forced by the school or teachers to make an essay/ poem/ thesis, and somehow, in the process, you FORM a story?
6. when in history class, you get inspired by an event/ person/ place so much that your mind twists some stuff and turn it into a story?
7. when you're inspired by a person, you twist everything the way you want it to become a story? (BTW, I meant 'twist everything' like you writing this inspired story because you wanted to make up/ change/ forgive/ plead/ beg/ infuriate/ shout/ cry at that person.)

*Now, there are a myriad scenarios that cause people to write stories, but those mentioned above are just some of my own. Should any of you have said yes to any of those events, then the cases of probability should be: we'd make good friends, after all, I'm kind of weird, and we think alike.

Henceforth, my writing style's very eccentric. Some may be cliche, but I warp them into the way I fancy. I can write in any point of views, given a few practices, imagination, and inspiration. When I write in English, I do British English most of the time. I'm not American. Nor am I European. I'm Asian. But I'm not Chinese. And if you've ever bothered to look on my profile, I live in the Philippines. Where I am is none of your business. Snob, you think I am? No. In fact, I'm very friendly. Just don't get on the wrong side of my cravat. That'd be the 'priori incantatem' of you and I.

So, any roads, going back to BE, if you've noticed, I say "fancy" instead of "like". I write "any roads" instead of "anyway". I said "mates" instead of "people or friends". It's not that I abhor American English, but it's just that I find BE suits my way of writing better. When I do my characters, they speak with more formality. But then again, that's just because of BE and their personality. Now, I write as I see fit, because that's what my hypothalamus sees fit.

Look, I'm not swanking, but it's how I write stories. Should you get bothered by this, look at the title and author above.

Galloping on to characters, I usually write about these types:

1. Brave, sarcastic, strong, and fierce, but altruistic---> because they're awesome.
2. Perfect but imperfect---> because no matter how people appear to be as such, there's always emptiness in fullness.
3. Reflective, polite, shy, but smart, witty, and individualistic---> because no matter how their appearances betray who they really are, you can't judge them.

1. Brave, sarcastic, strong, and fierce, but altruistic and merciful---> because it's good to know men have a soft spot for something or someone. (Some people do.)
2. Perfect but imperfect---> again, because no matter how people appear to be as such, there's always emptiness in fullness.
3. Reflective, polite, strict, and cold- blooded, but witty and secretly amorous---> because men aren't just made of iron, they also melt.

When it comes to genre, it really comes to these:

1. Romance---> it's not just about having a relationship with someone, it can be the utter lack of it or the false definition of it.
2. Historical---> flourished or book-abiding, historical stories are what I love best. It's a good way of learning about how man and womankind lived before.
3. Mystery---> a good mystery never fails to tease my brains.
4. Fantasy---> what better alternative for the reality, eh?
5. Thriller---> the feeling of sneaking and having to feel goosebumps while waiting for the shoe to drop. Hehehehe....

Galloping to the world of grammar Nazis, I am one. But it really depends on my mood if I feel like editing people's works mentally. Come on, you can see such things EVERY. WAKING. DAY. and EVERY. SLEEPING. NIGHT. Well, I'm not sure about the sleeping part, but you know what I'm talking about, yes?

Going back to grammar, I can't help but notice how a lot---not every---people fail to distinguish these:
1. you're and your
2. irony and coincidence
3. spelling
4. tenses
5. etc..........

It hurts my eyes, really. But I don't really mind the words in reverse form, i.d. hud--duh, sdrow--words, and citsatnaf--fantastic. And yeah, I know spelling isn't really that important because our brains read words wholly, not letter per word, but manners, mates, manners. It's not just because we grammar Nazis are such a KJ, but it's a universal statement of diplomacy. It's an etiquette. Well, at least, to us.

When you write a story, it's good to consider grammar. Don't get angry because of paranoia or an OCD when it comes this, but it's necessary. What would you think if your favorite author wrote with such a wrong grammar? How would you feel?

So, any roads, these are the things I consider when I write a story or any literary piece.

I now leave you a challenge: how do you write yours?

(^_^)/ See you! (Or better yet, read you!)


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Leara Bribage
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I am a poet of my own true words. My name is a diminutive pseudonym of my name.


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